2014 - A Year of New Beginnings
January 1st - Next Chapter
January 2nd - Chillin' with the MAN
January 3rd - MINI Trip to San Diego
January 4th - Under the Pier
January 5th - 'There's a moon out tonight (there's a girl in my heart)'
January 6th - Workin'
January 7th - Prehistoric Tusks
January 8th - I'll Follow the Sun
January 9th - Wired In
January 10th - Happy and Sad
January 11th - My P#^$sy
January 12th - Photo God
January 13th - Creatively Frustrated? Or Frustrated Creatively?
January 14th - Walk with the Dead
January 15th - Last Day. Age: 23
January 16th - First Day. Age: 24
January 17th - Death of the Payphone
January 18th - Bat Boy
January 19th - Legend Douglas Kirkland
January 20th - Blue Sunset
January 21st - Parting the sea of MINIs
January 22nd - Westwood Horror
January 23rd - Shapes in the Sky
January 24th - Eulogy for the Payphone
January 25th - Womanly Zen 
January 26th - Chimes
January 27th - Waiting Room Worry
January 28th - SoCal
January 29th - Lazy
January 30th - My Valentine
January 31st - Entrance
February 1st - Kimura Smiles
February 2nd - Lost in Thought
February 3rd - San Gabriel Valley
February 4th - Running Late
February 5th - Modern Nostalgia
February 6th - Homeless
February 7th - Man on Car
February 8th - Workaholic
February 9th - Self-Portrait
February 10th - Superior
February 11th - For Your Health
February 12th - Books
February 13th - Melting Away (featuring Diondre Jermaine)
February 14th - Blue Valentine
February 15th - Adventure is out there...
February 16th - Unfinished...
February 17th - In Limbo
February 18th - You are getting sleepy...
February 19th - Garden Pipes
February 20th - Main Street
February 21st - Balloons 
February 22nd - Nick of Time
February 23rd - 7th and Fig
February 24th - Shots! (Feat. Amber Cliett)
February 25th - Ball and Biscuit (Object 1)
February 26th - Light my Fire (Object 2)
February 27th - Wall Pattern (Object 3)
February 28th - The Glimpse of a Storm
March 1st - Shooting (with Megan, Hanwen, and a young Leo)
March 2nd - Urban Jungle
March 3rd - The Way
March 4th - The Wizard of Westwood
March 5th - Cellular Blues
March 6th - Blue Hour
March 7th - Streaking at USC
March 8th - Meeting an old friend and making a new one (with Megan, Zsolt, and Domino)
March 9th - Morning Glory
March 10th - Blue TIE
March 11th - The [New] Black Cats
March 12th - Dancing the Night Away
March 13th - Puppetmaster
March 14th - Music Hall
March 15th - Piglet
March 16th - Sunset Alley
March 17th - LSD
March 18th - Self-Noir
March 19th - Fashion HAL
March 20th - I Love College
March 21st - Cali Surrealism
March 22nd - Babies
March 23rd - Cinematic Still-Life
March 24th - Self-Portrait Van Eycke Style
March 25th - Unknown
March 26th - No Country for Old Photographer
March 27th - LBC
March 28th - Don't Smile and the World will pass you by...
March 29th - Avialae Apocalypse
March 30th - Patriot Games
March 31st - THE PUGFATHER
April 1st - Fooling the Eye
April 2nd - Catholic Home
April 3rd - Tails
April 4th - Idle Hands
April 5th - LA Vice
April 6th - Self-Portrait feat. own Art (Special Thanks: Scott Reed)
April 7th - Arctic Friendship
April 8th - Nostalgia
April 9th - Drunk Driving 
April 10th - Serenity
April 11th - Prince Marley
April 12th - Romance
April 13th - Thinking...
April 14th - Fore!
April 15th - Blood Meridian
April 16 - Guiding Light
April 17th - Shelves
April 18th - OM'ing
April 19th - Snakes
April 20th - Last Call
April 21st - Textures
April 22nd - Metallic Waterfalls
April 23rd - [Time Machine] - Failed Attempt
April 24th - Still Water
April 25th - Beatles Unseen [except George]
April 26th - American Woman
April 27th - Back to the Future
April 28th - Friendship
April 29th - Dream Rider
April 30th - Blast from the Past
May 1st - Walkways
May 2nd - Minimalism
May 3rd - Cheerios
May 4th - Jersey Girl
May 5th - Small Town
May 6th - Modern Ghetto
May 7th - Interesting Building
May 8th - Concrete and Windows
May 9th - Off the bus stop...
May 10th - Relativity 
May 11th - Mama Bear
May 12th - Lonesome Rider
May 13th - Keep Calm and Chi-Weenie On
May 14th - Another World
May 15th - Note. Author Unknown.
May 16th - Borrowed Time
May 17th - Dat Ass
May 18th - Time for You
May 19th - Searching
May 20th - Mr. Lonely
May 21st - 7 Days
May 22nd - Zig-Zags
May 23rd - Autobody
May 24th - Cool Cat (feat. Alfredo Garcia)
May 25th - Jarheads
May 26th - Dévêtir
May 27th - Road Cl*sed
May 28th - Bad Teacher
May 29th - Colorado Spaceship
May 30th - APPLE Shadows
May 31st - Welcome Back
June 1st - Triangles
June 2nd - Faded Memories
June 3rd - Pop's Birthday
June 4th - Fur
June 5th - Insomnia
June 6th - Red Dress
June 7th - Babyman
June 8th - Sleeping Beauty
June 9th - Isolation
June 10th - Art House
June 11th - Out-of-Business
June 12th - Death Trance
June 13th - Banh Mi Che Cali 
June 14th - Power Lines
June 15th - Papa Bear's Wardrobe
June 16th - Discovery
June 17th - Into the Wild
June 18th - Illuminati
June 19th - Shadows at Dusk
June 20th - Best Buds
June 21st - Moon and Sunshine
June 22nd - I Love This Game
June 23rd - Take Shelter
June 24th - For Rent
June 25th - Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
June 26th - The Photographer
June 27th - Asian Supermarket
June 28th - Snail Mail
June 29th - Evocation
June 30th - Traveler
July 1st - Woman (inspired by Picasso)
July 2nd - 2014: A Space Odyssey
July 3rd - Elevator to the Conscious
July 4th - 'Murica
July 5th - Poltergeist
July 6th - Fruity Terrain
July 7th - Space Car
July 8th - Metal Only
July 9th - Raiden Returns
July 10th - Laughing Baby
July 11th - Level 2
July 12th - Urban Cuts
July 13th - World Cup Junior
July 14th - What you lookin' at?
July 15th - Rice
July 16th - Confused Light
July 17th - Life Threatening
July 18th - The American Dream
July 19th - Adobe House
July 20th - No, no, no.
July 21st - Mysterious Pug
July 22nd - The Twilight Zone
July 23rd - The Gorgon
July 24th - Confused Light
July 25th - Dead Presidents
July 26th - Rear Window 
July 27th - Light Patterns
July 28th - Alive
July 29th - Colombia
July 30th - Una Hostal, Dos Cervezas, y Tres Suenos
July 31st - Santeria
August 1st - En El Barrio
August 2nd - Plaza Mayor
August 3rd - Natural High
August 4th - The Searchers
August 5th - Medellin en el Noche
August 6th - Hermano, Hermana
August 7th - Emocion
August 8th - Malabarista
August 9th - Perspectives 
August 10th - Bubbleman
August 11th - Maria Full of Grace
August 12th - My Safe Haven
August 13th - The Traveler's Hand
August 14th - Time-Capsule
August 15th - Back to Work
August 16th - Horse and Carriage (feat. Yun Proctor)
August 17th - Korean Sushi
August 18th - Fragile
August 19th - Hitchcock Cities
August 20th - Tranquility
August 21st - Fly Away
August 22nd - The Black Mamba
August 23rd - I Drive
August 24th - Architectural Strings
August 25th - Retail
August 26th - In TechniColor
August 27th - Hangers
August 28th - Cocktails Lounge
August 29th - Ruler
August 30 - Haiku Plant
August 31st - Curtains
September 1st - Sanctified
September 2nd - Drive-Thru
September 3rd - In Santa Barbara, Hannah cried, "I miss those freezing beaches..."
September 4th - Sea of Colors
September 5th - Food for Thought
September 6th - Identity Crisis
September 7th - Urban Blues
September 8th - Chicken Soup
September 9th - Editing
September 10th - Heat Wave
September 11th - Never Forget
September 12th - Summer Chickens
September 13th - The Stars in My Reflection
September 14th - Spacetime Patio
September 15th - Meeting in the Middle
September 16th - The Ghetto Bourgeoisie of Malibu
September 17th - Send in the Clowns
September 18th - An Apparition
September 19th - Midnight Writing
September 20th - Lake View
September 21st - Plant Strokes
September 22nd - Ein Luftballoon
September 23rd - Too Sexy for my Cat
September 24th - 11:16
September 25th - Entry 1
September 26th - Chance the Rapper
September 27th - Just Do It.
September 28th - H0ud1ni
September 29th - Bathing
September 30th - Diet Coke
October 1st - The Perks of Being a Freelancer
October 2nd - The Last Waltz
October 3rd - Requiem for a Designer
October 4th - Tips
October 5th - Westwood Expressionism
October 6th - Wing Stop
October 7th - And they said..."She wouldn't hurt a fly..."
October 8th - Empire of the Sun
October 9th - To Live and Die in L.A.
October 10th - White Picket Suburbia
October 11th - Normcore Cat
October 12th - Christmas Caravaggio
October 13th - Keys Keys Keys
October 14th - Water
October 15th - Hand Wash Only
October 16th - Nails
October 17th - Covina II
October 18th - Temple Tracks
October 19th - MiNi 
October 20th - [OFEN]
October 21st - Engine
October 22nd - Bathroom Door
October 23rd - The Ecstasy of Writing
October 24th - Cactus Flower
October 25th - [ENTITLED]
October 26th - The Woman in Blue
October 27th - 300 Days, 300th Picture
October 28th - Security
October 29th - Chi-weenie Eye
October 30th - Drag Me to Hell
October 31st - Follow Me
November 1st - A SoCal Anomaly
November 2nd - BabyWoman
November 3rd - 2014: A Pug Odyssey
November 4th - Tree of Decay
November 5th - SeaCliff
November 6th - Cash Only
November 7th - Fencin'
November 8th - Peering Through
November 9th - The CineFamily
November 10th - Interstellar
November 11th - Church of Jobs
November 12th - It Really Is
November 13th - Ain't Nobody Fuckin' with my Clique
November 14th - Racks on Top of Racks
November 15th - Curriculum
November 16th - Thai Sunflower
November 17th - Faded Glory
November 18th - Ink Cartridges
November 19th - The Marley Identity
November 20th - Future Islands
November 21st - Vireo's Eye (Mock Future Islands Cover)
November 22nd - Drive, He Said
November 23rd - Visions
November 24th - Birthday Door
November 25th - Vines
November 26th - Best Lath
November 27th - Thankful
November 28th - The Tesseract
November 29th - Holiday Nights
November 30th - BackStory
December 1st - Hair
December 2nd - Ingmar Bergman Rain
December 3rd - 'Dre oop from CP3
December 4th - Fine
December 5th - Side-by-Side
December 6th - I Drive
December 7th - Young Husky
December 8th - GOOD, Thinking, Fast and Slow
December 9th - 35mm Memories
December 10th - Clean up on Aisle Four
December 11th - Overtime
December 12th - 5-0 5-0
December 13th - Mama and Papa Bear
December 14th - Back On-Set
December 15th - Trying to Hold my Diarrhea in is Hard
December 16th - 626 Grey 
December 17th - The Criterion Collection
December 18th - Pueblecito Paison
December 19th - Running Scared
December 20th - White Rose
December 21st - WALL-E 
December 22nd - Makin' Movies ('The Turnaround' by Arno Ekmekji, starring Andrew Houston)
December 23rd - Chinese Food and the Universe
December 24th - Time Dilation
December 25th - Happy Holidays!
December 26th - Egg Slut
December 27th - The Power of Trees
December 28th - Colonel Kurtz
December 29th - Blue Steel
December 30th - Aspire to Greatness
December 31st - The Last Picture Show
I know...that was long. If you made it this far, *fist-pump* and thanks for watching!
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